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municipal fire truck pittsfield MA城市、鎮、縣和州都有一個響應nsibility to their constituents to obtain the best value they can for the limited funds they have available to them. The bidding process is designed to insure that. If the bidding process is focused on the lowest unit price as opposed to the lowest cost to own and operate the machines, we submit that the focus may not provide the desired results. There are several analogies one can use to make that point, Whether its batteries, tires, equipment or lubricants, astute buyers and equipment owners and operators recognize there are differences in performance, longevity, and an often neglected factor, support after the sale.

At Lubrication Technologies (LTI) we have a results driven focus. Our products and services resonate with municipalities in every form.

automatic lubrication systemsOurautomatic lubrication systemsdeliver minute quantities of lubricant to each and every lubrication point on wheel loaders, street sweepers, catch basin cleaners, all season dump bodies, fire apparatus, belt filter presses and other applications. The systems allow maximum use of available manpower, perform the lubrication better than any human can do and insure component life that is just plain impressive. Many of our municipal lubrication systems clients will not accept competitive systems, if for nothing more than our workmanship and support. We work with a diversified mix of equipment dealers in New England and if you indicate a preference for our system, they will be happy to oblige as they are aware of our work ethic and after the sale support.

Our systems forfire apparatusdeserve a bit more time. There exists a formidable competitor for these systems that has done an excellent job in gaining market share for this industry. In fact, if you procure a pumper or ladder truck and specify a lubrication system, you will most assuredly receive this brand system. If you own these systems, you know they require a semi-fluid grease. Some users are not pleased with dripping on the firehouse floor or lack of support in obtaining parts or service. We can provide a different lubricant for these systems that has better retention, often eliminating the mess they experience. We can also provide support and parts for these systems. That said, the ultimate solution is to specify our system on your next fire apparatus piece. Our system will not drip, will pump a # 2 grease and insure each and every lubrication point receives lubricant as a blocked point will provide visual indication to the system maintainer, something our competitors system cannot do.

Our greases, which most definitely will not win any low price competition, truly deliver performance that results in little to no bearing or bushing failures while simultaneously reducing consumption and allowing extended regreasing intervals.

3750-3752 Lubrication Engineers greases, in particular, theAlmagardseries ( for DPW applications), are often the gateway to other products and services as the performance difference is immediate and readily apparent. Continued use cements the relationship and generally leads to expanded use of our lubricants. OurAlmaplexseries shine in wet applications found in waste water treatment plants, extending bearing life and providing exceptional protection.

LE’sMonolec Engine Oilsdeliver uncommon value. If you believe any engine oil that meets an API spec, let’s use CJ-4 as an example, will provide similar performance ,than consider the experience of High Point, North Carolina. That city, with a population of 108,000 was using a well-known premium engine oil in their refuse trucks. After switching to Monolec Engine Oil, the annual usage for 20 trucks went from 843 gallons to 161, an 81% reduction in use, procurement, handling and waste generation. Or the experience of Kootenai County Solid Waste Department in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho where oil analysis results have firmly documented safe drain intervals of 1,000 hours with no engine life issues, even after 25-30,000 hours.

1136-product-info LE’s1107/1136/7500

OurSamson Pumps,Hose ReelsandMetersare the product of choice for many new installations as well as replacements for older equipment. We also handle Alemite products as well. We recently supplied over 60 reels, pumps and meters to a new CT DOT facility.

Oil handling and storage are areas that are often overlooked for improvement. Today’s equipment demands clean lubricants. The days of using open top galvanized containers to top off engines, hydraulic systems or transmissions are over. Color coded closed top plastic containers (Fluid Safe) designed specifically for the task are a necessary tool, not an option. Plastic or metal storage tanks (Fluidall/Containment Solutions隨著幹燥劑呼吸器(D)是可用的es- Case) to protect the headspace above the oil from particulate as well as moisture ingression. We know how to protect lubricants from contamination which translates to longer fluid and component life

oilsamples LE’sXamine Oil Analysisprogram is an excellent third party source used to verify safe extended drain intervals, while also monitoring engines and other applications for fuel dilution, coolant contamination, wear, viscosity retention, acid or base number and water. The web based service allows users to view the history of each unit and the overview of Lubrication Engineers Technical Services Dept., along with our continuous monitoring of all of our clients analysis results ( we have 45 years’ experience and can assist with real world assessment) insures you get the most value from your oil analysis program. Plus we actually work with our clients toreducetheir use, something we think our lubricant competitors do not prioritize.

In some applications, for instance sludge conveyors at a waste water treatment plant, high horsepower electric motors, HVAC blower bearings, pumps etc., ourPerma Star Vario Automatic Single Point Lubricatorsprovide labor free continuous lubrication to difficult to access points or critical bearings. These units have constant blinking LED lights that indicate all is well (green) or a low battery, low lubricant or deadheaded condition (red).

OurVEI Wheel Loader Scalesare often used in DPW’s as well as the Ports of Providence and New Haven for material management to prevent truck overloading (Natick is an example) or salt management as at Salt City in Boston and Westfield, MA and Jaffrey, NH.

Service:you will not find an organization so dedicated to customer satisfaction as Lubrication Technologies. Our knowledge and expertise spans 4 decades and entails every industry found in New England. We can provide presentations to those who have interest, to share our knowledge and the impact our products and services have had on others. In short we are the most valued technical resource available in the marketplace. Our repeat customers vouch for that every time our phone rings, with one customer who recently told us, we exemplify “you get what you pay for”.


Lubrication Management Programs Protect Your Assets and Save You Money:

Municipalities are under pressure to save money, increase productivity and make each piece of equipment last longer. In order to over come tight schedules, limited budgets, and Mother Naature, the operations manager needs to find ways to improve processes and lower the costs through better practices and maintenances steps.

Although lubricants make up a mere 3% of the typical maintenance budget; using ineffective products, techniques and applications can have a significant impact on the lubrication-related costs that make up 40% of that budget. A Lubrication Management Program designed by the Technical Consultants at Lubrication Technologies, Inc. can help you target those areas where you see red.

  • Your equipment and components will last longer, run more efficiently and more reliably, and you won’t replace equipment or components prematurely
  • 你的勞動力將會花更少的時間在常規lubrication-related maintenance and no time on lubricant-related equipment failures
  • You’ll reduce over-all lubricant consumption as well as waste
Reliability Centered Maintenance, (see steps below),is the approach endorsed by Maintenance Professionals across industries. We practice RCM to support the protection of assets at the lowest life-cycle cost. Our World Class Lubrication Reliability Program incorporates best practices and produces optimum results.

皮茨菲爾德火Department Saving $9,000 per year!

Since installing the systems in 2006, the Pittsfield Fire Departmenthas not experienced a single spring hanger failure...

皮茨菲爾德火Department The Pittsfield Fire Department has been protecting the citizens of Pittsfield, Massachusetts for over 110 years. From receiving its first ladder truck in 1913, the Pittsfield Fire Department has grown to 7 Engines, 2 Ladders and various other rescue equipment housed in five Fire Stations operated by a highly trained, highly skilled emergency response crew of 92 people, including 5 civilians. Not only does the Pittsfield Fire Department fight fires, but it plays an active role in preventing fires, responding timely to prevent crisis situations, and saving lives. It has always been, and will always remain the mission of the Pittsfield Fire Department to protect lives and property while averting tragedy.

A common problemwith Fire Engines and Ladder Trucksis spring hanger failure ...

... partially due to the weight of the body exerted on the chassis components. Spring hanger failure is sometimes attributed to insufficient or inadequate component greasing.The cost to replace a single spring hanger can easily exceed $2,000.

Prior to 2006, the Pittsfield Fire Department was experiencing, on average,a spring hanger failure every two yearson every single pieces of equipment. The cause for failure was attributed to a combination of body weight on the chassis andinsufficient lubrication. The failures caused the unavailability of the critical rescue equipment andproduced costly repair bills for the City of Pittsfield. A solution was needed that ensured proper lubrication of the fire apparatus chassis.

LE 3750 ALMAGARD Vari-Purpose Lubricant


For this particular application, Mr. Piangerelli recommended installing aSeries Progressive Centralized Lubrication Systemwhich delivers lubricant by use of a series of divider valves that are engineered to deliver precise amounts of lubricant to each point. A Series Progressive lubrication system ensures the delivery of lubrication to each point and will alert personnel if there is a blockage in any line by use of a pressure gauge and pressure relief valve installed on every system.

Each Centralized Lubrication System is used to lubricate the entire Fire Apparatus chassis including:

  • King Pins
  • Drag Links
  • 調整臂
  • “S” Cams
  • Tie Rods
  • Spring Pins
  • Spring Shackles


We'll do everything we can to insure you get the best solution for your application!